MiG-23BN SM219 at Sainik School,Kapurthala

Visited the Sainik School in Kapurthala after a recent input regarding a MiG-23BN located in the school.Sainik School are preparatory schools which prepare the students for the National Defence Academy.These schools are run by the state government and every state has a Sainik School barring aside a few.

Sainik School Kapurthala is from the oldest of the schools and is built on the palace of the Maharaja of Kapurthala.

The MiG-23BN nicknamed ‘Vijay’ is situated around 50m from the main gate of the school.


The MiG is flanked by a Vijayanta tank to its starboard and an AA gun to the port.

The aircraft was presented by AVM Anil Chopra on 6th December 2008.

The airframe is largely intact however the maintenance is questionable.The aircraft is painted in the light grey with serials painted on the NLG doors and tail and finflashes and roundels on either side.


The paint was a fresh coat and the serials are painted in the same font as that of the IAF.Also , all ports , afterburner and engine intakes are without covers and are serving as nests for pigeons.

MiG-23BNs have c/n plates stamped on the rear bulkhead of the starboard MLG compartment  and in some cases on the NLG compartment.

C/N Plate SM219

C/N plate : 7650

The BN has two plates  , one below the other at this location.The second plate has the same number however ,repeated painting and mechanical vagaries have made the number fade out on both plates.


Head On : Tilted a little

Mounting of this bird has not been done properly as suggested by the image above . The aircraft is tilted slightly to the port side . Also , the the wings are swept at different angles and there are no covers on the engine intakes , exhaust and other ports.Sainik Schools are well staffed and should take appropriate care of this aircraft , given the fact that these serve as a inspiration for our future aviators.




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